What is the Collection Method and Legal Reason of Personal Data?

Your ip address and user information on our site will be recorded, stored and updated by means of technological software such as cookies, obtained from third parties such as advertising networks, search information providers, for the purpose of analysis only, and will be processed based on the terms of legitimate interest within the framework of and throughout the service and contractual relationship between us.

What is the Purpose of Collecting Your Personal Data?

Your information such as your IP address, phone number and e-mail address are recorded on our site. This is never shared with any person/person. Such information such as ip, time, log and cookies are recorded on our site in order to take precautions against the correctness of the payments you will make on our site and against the people who make backorder payments against incorrect payments.

To Whom The Collected Personal Data Can Be Transferred For What Purpose?

If we detect an incorrect payment on our site or if there are any complaints from the administrative authorities, we will transfer the necessary rope, time, log and technical information to the judicial and administrative authorities, upon request, to the third parties, institutions and organizations in the country and abroad for cooperation purposes, provided that administrative measures are taken. remember.