Is it possible to return purchased products?

Existing software is not made by any name, person or person on our site. Therefore, since we are not the producer of the products, no refund can be provided if there is a risk of ban or if it does not work. Our technical team will do their best to solve the problem you are experiencing. If necessary, the period of the product you purchased will be extended or another product of the same value will be delivered. However, the payment cannot be refunded. The purchaser does not have the right to object if the software does not work, becomes outdated, or becomes detectable by anti-cheat software.

Can my program be closed by administrators?

Yes, the program can be closed or your access denied by administrators. Our site freezes the time of users when cheating is detected or is in the update phase, so users do not lose time. However, we do this purely based on goodwill. Even if you have purchased the program, if you act incorrectly or inappropriately, your access to the program will be blocked by the administrators and the product will not be returned.

Who makes the cheats and software on the site?

None of the software on our site is made by name, person or a person. This site has been established to serve problems and errors that may arise in existing software. Our site aims to respect the law, copyright and personality rights. According to the law numbered 5651, we provide services as the (hosting provider) defined in the law. According to the relevant law, the site administration has no obligation to control illegal content. For this reason, our website has adopted the (warn and remove) principle.